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Auckland property prices dip – but for how long?

Auckland property prices have dipped at the start of 2016, but could still be set for a rebound later this year.

Sugar: A way to sweeten your alternative investment portfolio?

Sugar has been the flavour of the month, as pressure mounts on the reduction of the sweet stuff in people's diets - and, particularly, drinks. But it could prove the silver spoon your investment portfolio needs.

What would a Brexit mean for the property industry?

Earlier this week, David Cameron confirmed that a referendum will be held on 23rd June to decide Britain's membership of the EU. But what would a Brexit mean for the property industry?

OnTheMarket vs. Zoopla: One Year On

Today marks the one-year anniversary of OnTheMarket,com, a property portal that promised to disrupt the UK property industry when it launched. The agent-owned site intended to break apart the perceived duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla. 12 months later, has it succeeded?

China chaos good news for safe haven gold?

China's currency chaos has proven good news for gold investors this week, as the precious metal enjoyed a rally in prices.

Trading suspended as China weakens currency

Trading on China's market was suspended today for the second time this week, as the country's currency continues to weaken.

Future for China is “broadly positive”

The future for China is "broadly positive", according to experts, following the shocking crash earlier this year.

Commercial property lease lengths hit eight-year high

Commercial property lease lengths have hit an eight-year high in the UK, as occupiers become confident once again.

John Lewis enters Europe with new Netherlands stores

John Lewis is taking its first steps into Europe next year, with the launching of seven shops in the Netherlands.

Japan: The new China?

Overseas real estate investment by Japanese buyers is on the up, according to new figures. Demand is being driven by North America and Europe, as investors continue to diversify their assets. Could Japan one day become the new China?
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