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Germany retains world’s most powerful passport

Germany is still home to the world's most powerful passport, according to the latest rankings by Henley & Partners.

Top 10 buildings that look like eggs

It's Easter, which for many means cute bunnies and chocolate eggs. For TheMoveChannel.com, it's an opportunity to look at tasty architecture and adorable building designs. After hunting around the world, we present the top 10 buildings that look like eggs.

Dubai remains world’s busiest airport, breaking the 80m barrier

Dubai remains the world's busiest international airport, after 2016 saw it break the 80 million traffic barrier.

What does a Brexit mean for my holiday?

This morning, the UK voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum. Visiting the EU this summer? Planning a trip for next year? What does today's result mean for you?

Brit appetite for holidays undiminished

Brits have lost none of their appetite for travelling abroad, with trips in 2015 seeing the biggest rise in 18 years.

easyJet opens first seasonal base in Mallorca

easyJet has chosen Palma de Mallorca to be their first ever seasonal base.

Agents confident Brexit will not impact French property

There are 112 days until the referendum of the UK's membership of the EU. While some are concerned about the potential impact of a Brexit upon the UK, estate agents in France are confident that interest in French property will continue to flourish, no matter what the vote.

NASA unveils work on new supersonic passenger jet

NASA has announced that it is now working on a new supersonic passenger jet.

What would a Brexit mean for the property industry?

Earlier this week, David Cameron confirmed that a referendum will be held on 23rd June to decide Britain's membership of the EU. But what would a Brexit mean for the property industry?

Spain’s new holiday rental rules: What you need to know

New regulations have been introduced for tourist accommodation rentals in Spain. But what do they mean for you? We explain what you need to know.
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2022/08/16 10:34:59am