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White House, Washington DC, USA

One year on: How has Donald Trump impacted investment in US real estate?

One year on from the 2016 US election. has Donald Trump impacted investment in real estate?

Booming Barcelona fuels luxury Spanish sales

Sales of prime Spanish property jumped by one-third in 2016, fuelled by a boom in demand for Barcelona real estate.

Mapped: What does the Fed’s US rate hike mean for property?

The US Federal Reserve has decided to raise interest rates by 0.25 per cent. What does it mean for housing? We map out some of the impact.

Donald Trump to boost demand for Dubai?

Donald Trump's election victory may boost demand for Dubai property, according to property professionals.
White House, Washington DC, USA

What does Trump’s US election victory mean for property?

Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States early this morning, in a surprising victory that saw the property developer beat Hillary Clinton to the White House. The property world reacts to his win.
New York, USA

Trump vs. Clinton: Which winner would be best for housing?

With the US 2016 presidential election just one day away, which winner would be best for housing?

Trump to open Panama City hotel July 6; others to follow

The Trump Hotel Collection will open its sixth hotel in Panama City on July 6, possibly giving the growing hotel chain a jump on its bigger rivals in this growing business destination.

Too close to Trump

Aberdeenshire council has been accused of being "too close" to Donald Trump after a senior official suggested working with the tycoon to handle an expected backlash against plans to evict homeowners standing in the way of his £1 billion golf resort...

Suing over a hula

Two groups of property investors are demanding their money back from the developers of the upscale Trump International Hotel & Tower in Waikiki, Hawaii over claims that the property tycoon was directly tied to the project...

Trump turns to South Africa

Property entrepreneur Donald Trump is now looking to South Africa for his organisation's latest property developments. It will be his first venture on the African continent...
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2022/08/14 01:24:02am