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Taiwan and Ukraine top personal finance rankings

Taiwan and Ukraine are the best places in the world for your wallet, according to new research, thanks to their relatively low cost of living.

Watch – EU proposes visa free travel for Ukraine

The European Union is proposing visa-free travel of up to 90 days to Ukrainians. It is being seen as a reward to the country...

Watch – Donetsk residents without water, electricity as fight goes on

In a district of north Donetsk caught in the crossfire between pro-government and separatist forces, residents live without electricity or running water, amid the sound of ongoing shelling.

Watch – Ukraine crisis: BBC finds ‘ghost town’ civilians

The BBC's James Reynolds found two civilians inside the eastern town of Vuhlehirsk, which fell to the rebels in the last few days.

Watch – Obama: US could arm Ukraine against Russia

US President Barack Obama made clear he was some way from a decision on whether to arm Ukraine in its conflict against Russian-backed rebels, saying on Monday he still hoped for a diplomatic solution.

Watch – Leaders agree four-way talks on Ukraine crisis in Minsk on Wednesday

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin will get together on Wednesday in Minsk to discuss the Ukraine crisis.

Ukraine’s currency falls

Photo: Trevor Coultart Ukraine's currency has continued its fall this week, prompting the...

Watch – Ukraine requests fresh IMF bailout

Ukraine has asked the IMF for a new and broader rescue package, and will seek to renegotiate its debt with bond holders, officials said on Wednesday as the war-torn country fights to save its reeling economy.

Video of the week – Abandoned Chernobyl town caught on drone

Drones have become the topic of increasing discussion in real estate circles, but a new video of an abandoned city reveals just how powerful their footage can be.

Watch – Battle for control of Donetsk airport

Ukrainian forces launch air strikes and a paratrooper assault against pro-Russian rebels who seized the Donetsk airport..
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