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China chucks BMWs at buyers

A Chinese developer is offering a BMW with every apartment purchased. The free car is the latest in a long line of measures in the country's turbulent market, as the government cuts prices to cool China's property bubble. Now, developers are trying to stimulate sales without cutting prices further. Other incentives have included holiday cruises and Lous Vuitton handbags.

Draft law abolishes Cyprus’ “Property Transfer Fees”

In an attempt to stimulate the Cypriot property market, the island’s MPs unanimously voted in the House of Representatives this week to abolish or reduce its official “Property Transfer Fees” for a period of six months.

UK closes Channel Islands VAT loophole

A tax loophole exploited by companies in order to send cheap mail order goods VAT-free to the UK from the Channel Islands will close from April 1, 2012, the Government has announced

Philippines raises tax thresholds on home sales

The Philippino Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) upped its VAT thresholds this week on residential land and property transactions.

Cyprus VAT reduction for first-time home buyers agreed

Following a series of proposals, counter proposals, discussions and debates, a compromise deal has been reached on the VAT reduction for first-time home buyers.

Tourists in Vietnam to get 10 per cent tax refund soon

Travellers to Vietnam will soon be offered value-added tax (VAT) refunds for their purchases in the country.

Reduction in VAT provides boost for new Spanish property

The Spanish government has announced a 50 per cent reduction in property tax, providing a boost for the country’s housing market. The slashing of IVA (VAT) on new build homes from 8 per cent to 4 per cent, applicable until 31st December 2011, has been hailed as decisive action by the property industry, especially those on Costa del Sol, a popular area for construction.

“Super-reduced” VAT rate planned for Spanish tourism sector

The Spanish People's Party (PP) is to promote a “super reduced” VAT rate (IVA in Spanish) for the tourism sector, which is expected to benefit such services as accommodation, catering and public transport and aim to bring them in line with their European competitors.

VAT rise ‘unlikely to affect housing market further’

Although the planned VAT rise is an unwelcomed additional cost to the price of both buying and selling a property, Douglas Sleaper, Group Sales Director for Townends Estate Agents part of the Badger Holdings Group believes the two and half per cent increase will not be significant enough to unduly upset the housing market or deter those wishing to move from doing so...

VAT advice on listed building restoration

VAT rules when it comes to listed buildings can be a minefield - this week we explore how you can save costs through careful planning...
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