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South Wharf, Melbourne, Australia

More people living in Melbourne as Australian population grows

More people are living in Melbourne, as Australia's population continues to grow.

Stamp duty burden grows for Australian families

The stamp duty burden is growing heavier for families in Australia, costing them $100 more each month.

Melbourne leads Australian population growth

Melbourne is leading population growth in Australia, as the city continues to attract domestic and international migrants.

Foreign investors in Victoria to face higher fee

Foreign investors in Victoria will face a higher charge on property purchases, under new rules introduced by the Australian state.

Tourists scared of swine

Victoria in Australia's major tourist attractions are suffering the effects of swine flu, with overseas visitors fearful of catching the virus staying away in droves...

Boris says yes to Victoria

London Mayor Boris Johnson has given his approval for Land Securities' £1 billion plans for the Victoria Transport Interchange scheme in London's Victoria...

NAB to close Victorian branches

The National Australia Bank is set to close at least six branches in Victoria, Australia...

Rising from the ashes

Victims who lost their homes in the recent spate of devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia, are to receive £23,000 each to help them kick off the mammoth task of rebuilding their properties...

Victoria plans approved

Land Securities has got the green light for two more schemes in London's Victoria a month after Westminster City Council approved its plans for the Victoria Transport Interchange (VTI2)...

Victoria toughest for first home buyers

Australian state taxes claw back two thirds of Government benefits aimed at getting Victorians into their first homes, a new analysis shows...
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2022/09/25 05:21:02am