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Watch: 30-storey building made in 15 days

China's property sales may be sluggish, but its construction has never been faster as a Chinese developer builds a 30-storey hotel in just 15 days. Broad Group impressed onlookers in 2011 by constructing a 15-storey property in one week, but has demolished its record with this prefabricated hotel, which boasts 316 rooms, a swimming pool and a helicopter pad.

Video – Tasmania World Australia

Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state and the most decentralised and geographically diverse.

Video – Home prices in Singapore are showing signs of moderating

Home prices in Singapore are showing signs of moderating. Flash estimates from the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Housing and Development Board (HDB) for the last quarter of 2011 saw prices increasing at a slower rate.

Video – Travel guide: Indonesia

This country’s official motto is "Unity in diversity", but why should tourists come together to visit Indonesia? Watch the full travel guide on TheMoveChannel.tv...

Video – Home made from salvaged car parts

When architect Karl Wanaselja built his home in Berkeley, California the junkyard became his urban forest for materials. For months he visited one of three local yards looking for car roofs and Dodge Caravan side windows. The windows became awnings and the roofs became siding for the top floor of his home.

Watch: Hampstead mansion’s ballroom transforms into swimming pool

Need a swimming pool as well as a ballroom? Not a problem for one home in Hampstead. The large, open dance room, overlooked by three chandeliers, transforms in 13 minutes into a 65ft swimming pool with water 1.5m deep.

Video – Australian floods leave more than 2,000 residents stranded

Flooding in the Australian state of New South Wales has cut off roads and left more than 2,000 people in the region stranded.

Video: Visit Australia

Australia is a country that is attracting an increasing number of British expats looking to relocate abroad. But what does Down Under have to offer overseas visitors?

Video: Beware of mortgage scheme

An email scam telling people their mortgage contains errors is tricking homeowners out of their money. Fox explains what to watch out for.

Video: How will the November rate cut affect the property market in the lead...

Australia's central bank cut the interest rate in November for the first time in 31 months. As the industry speculates about another quarter-percentage decrease in the near future, Australian broker John Symond shares his thoughts on how the November rate cut will affect the property market in the run-up to Christmas.
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2022/10/02 07:29:15am