– Canada property fifth most popular in the world
– Booming international interest in Germany
– USA remains number one property destination

Canada’s popularity has reached a six-month high, reveals new research from TheMoveChannel.com.

The country was the fifth most sought-after destination on the international property portal in February 2016, its highest ranking in the Top of the Props charts since September 2015. Canadian real estate accounted for 2.31 per cent of all enquiries on the site during the month, leapfrogging other investor favourites such as Turkey and Brazil.

The USA remained the most in-demand property destination, accounting for one in seven of all searches on the portal in February. Portugal jumped three places to become the number two destination, as the market’s ongoing recovery attracted a growing number of buyers from overseas. Spain held on to its third place, with 3.52 per cent of enquiries, while France slipped into fourth place with 2.67 per cent of enquiries.

Demand also dipped for Brazil, Italy and Turkey, although each destination remained in the Top of the Props Top 10. Interest boomed, however, in Germany, as investors increasingly turned to high yielding opportunities in Berlin. German property was the seventh most popular on TheMoveChannel.com in February 2016, up 11 places from January 2016.

“There has never been a better time to invest.”

– Landcorp International

Canada was the only Top 10 country to perform better than Germany, rising 14 places in the monthly property league. The climbing demand for Canadian property follows a strong year for the market: the country was in the Top of the Props 10 most popular countries for nine out of the 12 months in 2015, rising as high as third place in July and June 2015.

Landcorp International, European Marketing Agent for Forest Lakes Country Club in Nova Scotia, also reports a significant rise in international interest at the start of 2016, both for investment opportunities and purchasing an off-plan property.

“A major decision-maker in today’s investment markets is the question of stability, therefore it’s of no surprise that Canada is becoming increasingly popular,” explains the firm. “Not only does Canada boast the world’s healthiest and most stable banking structure according to the World Economic Forum, but the World Bank also states that Canada has seen the greatest economic growth in the G7 over the last decade. This perhaps explains why foreign direct investment in Canada has doubled in the last 5 years.”

Indeed, Canada has recently attracted media attention for oil prices and the associated weakening of the Canadian dollar, but Landcorp explains this “temporary blip” in the Loonie’s value has only boosted Canadian real estate’s value for money.

“Canada has always proved a solid country for investing,” comments Ailse MacFarlane, Managing Director of Landcorp International, “but with the Canadian dollar also low against the Pound and Euro, there has never been a better time to invest.”


The full Top of the Props chart for February 2016 is as follows:





1 USA 14.16  –
2 Portugal 4.08  3
3 Spain 3.52  –
4 FRANCE 2.67  2
5 Canada 2.31  14
6 Turkey 2.17  2
7 Germany 2.12  11
8 India 1.91  1
9 Brazil 1.5  2
10 Italy 1.39  2
11 Bulgaria 1.02  3
12 UAE 1  6
13 Argentina 0.96  3
14 Philippines 0.77  1
15 Dominican Republic 0.64  –
16 Austria 0.59  4
17 Cape Verde 0.55  5
18 Thailand 0.46  7
19 Cyprus 0.41  2
20 Australia 0.39  5
21 Romania 0.32  2
22 Cayman Islands 0.29  –
23 Switzerland 0.26  13
24 Croatia 0.26  11
25 Ireland 0.25  1
26 Hungary 0.24  6
27 New Zealand 0.23  2
28 Greece 0.22  11
29 Morocco 0.2  3
30 Malta 0.2  10
31 Fiji 0.16  15
32 Poland 0.16  9
33 Bahamas 0.15  5
34 Pakistan 0.15  3
35 South Africa 0.14  8
36 Slovenia 0.14  8
37 Slovakia 0.12  –
38 Grenada 0.12  –
39 Czech Republic 0.11  8
40 Senegal 0.08  1
41 Belize 0.08  16
42 Barbados 0.07  11
43 Martinique 0.07  –
44 Mauritius 0.06  –
45 Montenegro 0.05  –
46 Tunisia 0.04  13
47 Egypt 0.04  2
48 Cambodia 0.04  2
49 Antigua and Barbuda 0.03  –
50 Andorra 0.03  –


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