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Short and mid term investments of 3, 5 or 7 year durations, asset backed by physical real estate. A bond investment may be appropriate for sophisticated and experienced investors who want a true armchair investing experience.

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Whilst buying and owning an investment property clearly offers great advantages - there are people who like the idea of a property based investment but have no wish to become a long distance landlord of a property that is located several thousand miles away.

Buying a property in any country involves commitment and responsibility and no matter how "cheap" the properties may be, the investor buyers take on a number of legal and fiscal responsibilities. Foreign owners of actual properties need to:

  • Register for, then file and pay US taxes every year on their unearned income (rent)
  • Pay property tax on their house/condo unit even if it is empty
  • Pay HOA fees (if applicable) even if the property is empty
  • Set aside rental income to cover future voids, maintenance & renovations
  • Income is tenant dependant and a future exit is subject to market conditions

If only there was a way to take advantage of the unique circumstances in the USA and profit from the property business without becoming overly burdened............... NOW THERE IS:

"Property Bonds are the logical evolution to outright property ownership for investment purposes"

Property Bonds enable a passive investor to take advantage of the US property market and enjoy a truly hands off experience. Investing in property Bonds is the ultimate armchair investing experience:

  • No Registering, filing or paying US taxes
  • No management or tenant issues
  • Fixed income, established at the outset
  • Pre-determined payment dates for income
  • Pre-determined future exit date
What are property Bonds?

A property Bond is a corporate debenture or loan arrangement and whilst Bond issuers may offer different structural variants according to their own model - in essence they are all a type of secured loan arrangement. Instead of purchasing a property outright, an investor "loans" an amount of money to a Bond issuing company in return for a pre agreed benefit. The Bond issuing Company then uses these funds to expand their existing business and from the proceeds of that business they repay the investors according to the pre agreed Bond conditions.

UK/EU residents - PLEASE NOTE. These types of investments are aimed at experienced, sophisticated and high net worth investors. We do not accept enquiries from inexperienced investors or those people who are risk averse.

How secure are Property Bonds?

We all know from recent history that very little is 100% secure these days but the various Bond issuing companies have processes and procedures in place to back investor funds against tangible assets in the unlikely event of something going wrong. Fortunately, most investors are familiar with the property purchase and buy to let business model that underpins all property Bond offerings. Anyone who has investigated the US property market is now aware of the prices of property, the achievable rent and the net yields and so can identify with the returns being offered by Bond issuing companies. The only consideration then is to establish the strength of the security placed over the assets on behalf of investors.

The USA Property Bond offering is a short term alternative to investing directly into US property. The Bonds are NOT comparable to Unit Trusts or regulated, blue chip investment. The risk factors are consistent with the risk factors associated with the purchase of US property.

Make an enquiry and we will be happy to provide you with a full Investment Prospectus, brochure and bespoke illustration.


These Bonds have not been registered under the US Securities Act 1933 and they are not being offered or sold in the USA or to US citizens and/or persons normally resident in the USA, nor to residents of the Cayman Islands. We do not accept enquiries originating from the United States of America. Full disclosure on application.


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