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Large, high quality and well-designed 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom Andalusian country home finished in an Arabesque style. Ideal for extended families during holiday periods with retired owners living here full time. Full tennis court & large swimming pool

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For sale direct from the owners!

Why this house will suit the most perceptive buyers…

If you have spotted this lovely home and opened this description, you will have realised that this is not the standard architect designed ‘house on the hill’. Many of which have fantastic views, but are difficult to reach, over exposed to the elements and expensive to heat and cool, especially if being used all year round.

This substantial Cortijo is, in contrast, an outlier that has looked to thousand year old Arabesque Mediterranean design traditions, used traditional and reclaimed materials and blended them into a three level site, with mature vegetation to combine wind and sun protection, external view and internal privacy choice, as well as a wide range of outside sun/shade sitting, al fresco shaded eating and both bathing and sporting facilities.

The current owner, who has emigrated to Peru for family reasons, has lived, worked and travelled in nearly all the Arab League States, and has seen how well traditional Levantine design concepts work in practice—especially when combined with modern materials.

The house is thus likely to suit various categories of niche purchaser, with emphasis on satisfying the two key questions of our troubled times…

1. How comfortable and safe will it be as accelerating climate change makes the whole Mediterranean hotter and drier, but paradoxically creates a more frequent incidence of localised extreme microclimates with enhanced flood and fire risk?

2. When, not if, the next health pandemic arrives, will it enable an extended family group to isolate effectively and live comfortably with the space and ability to engage, with pleasure, in a wide variety of leisure and sporting pastimes?

The current owner believes that the answer to both questions is positive and the reasons for this rest on these key factors.

♦ Location – within walking distance of the desirable hill village of Bedar, is 400m above sea level, with diverse facilities and 30 minutes’ drive to the coast, but only 15mins to the Coastal motorway.

♦ Orientation – the accommodation of the house is arranged so that the reception rooms, balconies and kitchen are at the upper entrance level, with sea, mountain and village views. The 6 bed, 4 bath accommodation is divided into three suites each with their own entrance onto a traditional internal Patio Andaluz, with floral decoration, a working fountain and both sitting and eating/drinking areas. The upper floor is protected from the cold winter north wind at its rear façade and receives morning, noon and afternoon sun in its various open and closed spaces. In contrast the sleeping areas on the lower floor receive limited sun, or cold wind as windows are all protected by balconies, walls or vegetation.

♦ Construction – the house is now over 25 years old and long before it became fashionable, all the outside walls are twin skin with fibreglass insulation and the roof cavities are either exposed high beam, with good air flow or enclosed with fibreglass insulation. The rooms are spacious 25m2 plus for reception rooms and 15m2 plus for bedrooms, and most living spaces have ceilings of 1.75m or higher. Almost all also have cross ventilation windows arranged to facilitate air flow, particularly in summer when a cooling sea breeze normally starts about 5PM, and then persists at least until after dark.

♦ Security – the house was designed so that it would be difficult to break into, with outside boundaries protected by metal gates or sturdy stone walls, most outside doors are reinforced with metal inner plates combined with double locks and all windows/balconies are secured with traditional metal rejas.

♦ Isolation and vegetation – when the design was planned, it was expected that it would take about 25 years to create a mild micro climate, by preserving almost all the existing mature trees. These include three mature algarobba and one antique olive at the entry level and planting Spanish conifer along the west boundary tarmac road to the village plus specially imported Australian arid zone evergreen trees to the south around the tennis court and a giant jasmine hedge both on top of and down the east retaining wall. This all helps to create a secluded garden next to two of the bedroom suites. This configuration is designed to create fire breaks and plays an important role in making the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter than its neighbour’s, even though they receive the same cooling breeze. The house is set back over 7m to any outside gate from an external door and thus no close visitor conversation is required until a visitor is identified, and any appropriate protective equipment put on. Both main entrances also have off road spaces to leave deliveries and allow the deliverer to leave before recovery.

In summary, if mitigating climate change and improving future isolation security are potential purchaser concerns taking a 25-year view, the vendor believes the house will satisfy most practical concerns.

The Vendor also recognises that the house is unusual and is only likely to attract those niche buyers, who can relate to its concept, but apart from climate change mitigation and enhanced isolation security, also thinks, that the following buyer profiles may find it responsive to their needs.

Northern European extended three, or even four generation families who plan to come for extended periods by road using the motorway which links directly to the French Autoroute system.

UK retirees wanting to establish their status before the Brexit transition runs out, who wish both to acquire a house they can live in comfortably year round but also invite family and friends with space for separate groups to come and go with their own accommodation entrances, and access to parking in three off road areas above and below the house. The three suites configuration, around a lower Patio has been found to facilitate this, with intermingled common use of the spacious reception rooms above.

A more detailed description of the propertyis available on request.


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