Industrial for sale in Dragizhevo, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria - ID: 5218570
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£145,360 - Industrial
Dragizhevo, Obshtina Lyaskovets, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
# 5218570 - £145,360 - Industrial, Dragizhevo, Obshtina Lyaskovets, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
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Dragizhevo, Lyaskovets Municipality
Dragizhevo, Obshtina Lyaskovets, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
Unit Price(s)
  • GBP Price: £145,360
  • EUR Price: €200,000
  • USD Price: $215,480
  • BGN Price: BGN391,159
Key Selling Points
  • <p> Opportunity for Successful Business</p> <p> Well Developed Village</p> <p> Near River
Brief Introduction
ID: 5218570
Excellent Investment Opportunity Much More Than ‘The Run of the Mill’
Full DescriptionID:5218570

Excellent Investment Opportunity Much More Than ‘The Run of the Mill’

If you are searching for a unique business investment then this is something for consideration. A large stone mill with 4 decares of land can be found just 11km away from Veliko Tarnovo.


Village Dragizhevo is beautiful, stunning with fantastic picturesque views. It is also a well developed village with good infrastructure and has all the local amenities available from its shops. Treat yourself to the restaurant, have a drink with your friends at the local pub or pop into town using the regular public bus or taxi services.


Close by, there are many tourist, cultural and historical landmarks as well as monasteries which are visited by many people throughout the year from all over the world. They could also visit your site too, when up and running. The property is located in a viable setting with access to main roads throughout the year.


This solid structure comprises of 5 large rooms, 2 water wells, a large plot of land and was powered by water via a gearing mechanism.  Are you ready to start up the wheels and cogs


A further prospect is to use the building as a boutique hotel and restaurant with the potential to expand on the vast amount of land that comes with the building. You will have a great advantage of being cheaper than town hotel rates.


Veliko Tarnovo and the historical and cultural sites attracts thousands of tourist all year round. The surrounding scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh and crisp and you will feel like you are on a permanent holiday working and living here. People go horse riding in the next village and fishing in the famous River Yantra.


Don’t be the one to be left out. Start your new Business Venture Here !

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