Sales of golf property tee off in Spain

56 million people around the world play golf, according to The National Golf Federation. It is no surprise, then, that many golfers look for somewhere to hang their clubs after some time on the tee. That number is on the up.

Indeed, the 2013 Golf Tourism Report found that golf holiday sales increased by 9.3 per cent this year compared to 2012, while golf travellers generated an estimated €1.5 billion last year. And with 10 per cent of those 56 million travelling overseas every year solely to play golf, the figures are expected to get bigger.

Spain, in particular, is enjoying the above par demand. Spanish house builder Taylor Wimpey España saw golf property sales in 2012 increase by 8 per cent.

Sales and Marketing Director Marc Pritchard comments: “Spain is one of the biggest golf destinations in the world; it’s certainly the most popular European golf location and anyone thinking of buying a golf property in Spain would definitely be making a wise move.”

Marbella alone, he adds, boasts 24 of the “most luxurious golf courses in Europe”.

Other global living news this week:

Ibiza shoves aside St. Tropez as Mediterranean celebrity hotspot

Celebrities have a new favourite playground in the Mediterranean: Ibiza. The Balearic Island has seen the rich and famous flock to its shores this year, from Beyonce and her baby to TOWIE stars, Tulisa, Rafael Nadal, Leonardo diCaprio and even David Cameron and his wife.

Sotheby’s International Realty argue that the island’s appeal is as strong as it has always been thanks to the beaches, countryside, privacy and scenery.

“Celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Errol Flynn have been visiting Ibiza since the 1950s, so this is not a new phenomenon,” comments Chavarria Waschke, Managing Director of the agency’s Balearics division. “It’s just the appetite for spotting them has grown along with the explosion of social media.”

“[Ibiza] offers a high-end lifestyle which has seen a good deal of investment over recent years in the shape of new marinas, luxury hotels and restaurants. The St Tropez crowd are now coming to Ibiza, it’s a very aspirational place to be.”

Too much sun can be good for you, suggest study

Too much sun can be good for you, suggests one study. The research from the Unviersity of Copenhagen found that exposure to the sun may cut the odds of heart attacks and early death, as well as the benefit of healthy bones. British experts, though, have emphasised the risks of skin cancer from over-exposure to the sun, which can kill.

Dr Claire Knight, of Cancer Research UK, told The Daily Mail : “Overexposure to UV rays from the sun or sunbeds is the main cause of skin cancer. We all need some sun in our lives to make vitamin D, which is crucial for healthy bones. But the key is to enjoy the sun safely and avoid sunburn.”