Property in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, Cyprus

Property ID: 41650910

Summary Data

Price £420,182
Price Type
Bedrooms Studio
Bathrooms 2 - Bath
Plot Size
Building Size
Sector Residential

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Property Description

The property is a residential building located in a very attractive location in Limassol, in Agias Fylaxi area.
The property is in a pure residential area with good access to the motorway and the city of Limassol. Within walking distance are many amenities and services such as shops, supermarkets, banks, schools, etc. In addition, it has excellent access to the Limassol town center. Furthermore, the property is ideally situated close to a plethora of amenities and services such as schools, supermarkets, shops etc.
The building is split into a ground floor house and an upper floor house that constructed 30 and 20 years ago respectively. The ground floor house consists of three bedrooms, guest toilet, living/ dining area, kitchen and main bathroom. It has 170sqm enclosed area, plus 100sqm semi-basement area.
The upper floor house consists of two bedrooms [with the main bedroom to be en-suite], guest toilet, living/dining area, kitchen and main bathroom. It has 170sqm enclosed area plus 80sqm attic.
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