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Lynwood Care Centre

Blackpool, Lancashire


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Cinema's 6 scariest haunted houses

Halloween is here once again and, while 15 per cent of Britons think their property has a ghost, the majority will be spooked this weekend by homes in scary movies. But what makes a home creepy? We look at the architecture of cinema's six scariest haunted houses...

Demand for ski property snowballs

Demand for ski property in the French Alps is snowballing amid an avalanche of good conditions.

Demand for property spreads across Brazil

Demand for property is spreading across Brazil, according to TheMoveChannel.com's latest research. The property portal's At a Glance infographic compares the country's market over the past 12 months to two years ago, revealing that buyer interest is becoming increasingly broad.

US property sales rebound to reach a year high

US property sales rebounded in September to reach the highest level of 2014 so far. Existing home sales jumped 2.4 per cent last month, but where are the buyers coming from?

Visitors tour Portugal's abandoned buildings

Portugal's housing market is slowly recovering from the recession, but abandoned buildings are still present. Now, curious visitors can see the worst-hit properties themselves, as unemployed architects launch a bizarre new tourism package...