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If you are trying to move on a fixed date, allow yourself plenty of time and make sure you start your search well in advance of your target move date. This could be as little as four or five weeks to find a place in London or another densely populated area, but it could be several months somewhere more rural.

Don't forget that the sale may take two or three months to go through, so make sure you allow time for that as well.

If you have enough time and enough money not to have to work for a living, there are enough places to look for property to keep you occupied full time:


There are a whole host of printed publications that can be a useful resource in finding that perfect place:

Free local press. Excellent for finding a range of local estate agents.
Regional newspapers such as the Evening Standard, The Liverpool Echo or The Manchester Evening News will contain a mixture of private sellers and estate agents.
Classifieds such as Loot and diamond free ads also contain a mixture of private sellers and estate agents.
National press have property sections on specific days, though the homes tend to be of relatively high value.
There are specialist property publications, often with a regional focus, that are dedicated solely to advertising properties for sale in the area.

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