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On the day


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Today is going to be a long and tiring day whatever you do, so make sure you have a good hearty breakfast. When you've finished, turn off the fridge, disconnect any appliances that are staying behind and turn off the boiler.

  • Sedate the dog if you have not found someone to look after it. At least one of you will be having a pleasant journey. It may be worth sedating your partner too, especially if they're a bit temperamental, but you should only ever do this on the advice of your doctor*.

*Do not take this comment seriously.

  • Strip the beds and put the bedding into bin bags to be kept handy. If your children are going with you, let them use the bedding for comfort in the back of the car.

  • If you are doing a lot of lifting yourself, try to keep your back straight and bend at the knees. A slipped disk at this stage would be a bad thing.

  • Check that nothing is being taken that shouldn't be and you are happy that the packing inventory is accurate. The packing inventory is a list that a remover may ask you to sign once upon departure and once when your things are being delivered.

  • If you can, make sure someone (it could be you) is going to be at the collection and delivery address to oversee what is being moved. This can help avoid any major catastrophes. Give them the protective sheets or blankets and get them to lay them out before the removal van arrives. They can make sure that the movers have the floor plan and colour guide that will ensure everything gets placed where it will be easiest for you to deal with.

  • Check that all rooms are empty and all lights turned off.

  • Ensure that the water, gas and electricity supplies are turned off and take a note of the final reading.

  • Empty any rubbish bins and leave all your rubbish bags for collection.

  • Close and lock all the windows and doors…
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                                        …then wave goodbye.

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