Removal services


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What is the BAR
Membership of the BAR means that a removals business is obliged to meet certain standards in its work and practices. All members of the BAR are regularly inspected to ensure they conform to membership requirements.

Aside from having a code of practice (which is available to the public), all BAR approved companies are checked to make sure they do the following:

  • Ensure the premises of the business are up to scratch

  • Make sure adequate financial records are being kept

  • Check whether proper training programmes are in place for staff and whether they are being implemented properly

  • Maintain the removals vans and lorries correctly

  • Use approved 'Plain English' contract terms - i.e. not bamboozle you with complex legal terms

  • Use a 'Service Specification' that spells out the details of the services included in your removal quotation.

  • Make approved insurance cover available.

  • Offer customers a 90-day guarantee against unexpected risks that will unavoidably delay the move.

BAR concilliation service
When a complaint cannot be resolved, BAR will step in and mediate between the removals company and the customer. This is a free service. An independent arbitration service is also available for the speedy and cost-effective resolution of the dispute should the conciliation service fail to provide an agreement.

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