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choosing an agent


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If you have decided that an auction-based or private sale is not for you, then the next step you will have to take is choosing an estate agent to represent you and find you a buyer. In most areas of the UK, you will be served by a more than ample number of estate agents each of whom will be more than happy to try and sell your home. So what factors should you consider in deciding which to choose?

The main factors are shown briefly below. Click the headings if you want to go into more detail about any of the areas.

In this cash conscious world, cost is often the primary driver in many of the decisions that we make. Agents usually charge 2 to 3 % of the sale price as commission, but click here if you want to know why price doesn't tell the whole story.

Terms and conditions
The terms under which estate agents are hired can have a strong bearing on the price that you pay and the value for money or level of service that you receive. Find out here about sole, joint and multiple agency and the contract you will have to sign before the agent begins work.

Valuation and price
Aside from the commission charges, the valuation of your property is often the strongest influence on which estate agent you choose. Find out why this shouldn't necessarily be the case by clicking here.

Market reach
This is an important factor that many people overlook or are unaware of. The market reach of an estate agent is the size of the potential customer base that they have access to and the means by which they are reached. Find out more.

In a world of cowboys, it's a good idea to avoid the cattle rustlers. In a world of estate agents, it's a good idea to avoid the unregulated ones. Learn about the different professional bodies here.

Word of mouth can be a good marketing tool for all businesses and recommendations are often worth listening to. Click here to find out which factors you should consider with regards to an estate agent's reputation.

Standard of service
How much does the agent care about selling your property and just what exactly are they going to do to try and complete the sale? Click here to find out the very least you should expect.

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