About TheMoveChannel.com

TheMoveChannel.com was launched in 2000 as an information hub, web directory and guide to buying, selling, renting and letting property.

In 2003, we started listing international real estate for sale, starting with France, Spain and other global hotpots of the time.

Today, it's a flourishing marketplace where buyers and sellers come together from all over the world to search, browse and negotiate deals.

The parent business, TMC Property Media runs digital campaigns, email newsletters and online coaching courses all aimed at helping stakeholders in the property transaction become more efficient, more effective and more successful.

TMC is a privately-owned business and we're proud to still be standing after the credit crunch, global depression, Brexit, pandemic and much more.

I personally hope you find the site interesting, useful, distracting and maybe even a little bit inspiring from time to time!

Dan Johnson, CEO & Founder