Fabulous vineyard and olive grove, Kusadasi Ilcesi, Turkey

Kusadasi Ilcesi, Aydin, Turkey

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urkish wine is wine made in the transcontinental Eurasian country Turkey. The Caucasus region, where the countries of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are located today, played a pivotal role in the early history of wine and is likely to have been one of the earliest wine-producing regions of the world.[1]
Ampelographers estimate that Turkey is home to between 600–1200 indigenous varieties of Vitis vinifera (the European grapevine), though less than 60 of these are grown commercially. With over 1,500,000 acres (6,100 km2) planted under vine, Turkey is the world's fourth-leading producer of grapes.

Kirazli Village is 14km to Kusadasi city center. The name Kirazli (village with cherry) comes from the cherry trees in the village. It is a traditional village where you can experience the local village life.

Hidden from the crowds behind olive groves, cherry blossoms and vineyards; Kirazli Village is one of the few non-touristy places left that offers accommodation around Ephesus. 

There are approximately 350 families living at the village,  earning their lives from farming and animal breeding. Being the first example at the country, the organic farming is supported by the government.  The main products of the village are cherry, olive, fig, grape, walnut and wine.  However  except the tropical fruits, every single type of fruit is grown around the village. 

On Sundays, Kirazli hosts Turkey's first certified organic product market. An- every year-increasing number of village restaurants are invaded by locals on weekends for their special family type breakfasts and traditional regional dishes. 

Although it is surrounded by all the touristy attractions , there are still no touristy shops in Kirazli village. However, a couple of boutique hotels are busy all year round.

There is one mosque, one primary school, one health clinic, a butcher, a bakery, and three mini markets at the village. Public minibuses run every half an hour between Kusadasi and Kirazli at day time. 

Turkey is still an agriculture country and most of the people are still farmers. Unfortunately though the farming methods -just like in most of the other countries of the world- have been altered. To increase fertility and protect the products more and more chemicals are being used at the moment. KIRAZLI is the only village in turkey which has got the Eco-friendly agriculture certificate given by the Turkish government. When you are walking on the roads and the paths of Kirazli you will see olives, herries, pears, apricots, peaches, tomatoes, cucumber, eggplants, mulberries, plums, quince, melon watermelon, grapes and vineyards etc.



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