Studio Houses for Sale in Pavullo Nel Frignano, Italy - £280,122

Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

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Price £280,122
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Bedrooms Studio
Bathrooms 1 - Bath
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PAVULLO NIVIANO The owner of this farmhouse told me that his house was once a convent of priests...I searched but found no trace of this testimony.So I can't tell you anything about this story.Sin.
Certainly the house of Giacomo has many characteristics of the convent, starting from the position, on a summit right next to an ancient tower, the house is collected and enclosed and difficult to reach just like the convents were in the Middle Ages.
Fortunately, however, Giacomo has built a beautiful and comfortable road to get home!
It is the late morning of a sunny day in late August, today I have an appointment with Giacomo to photograph his house, in the morning we will photograph the east side and in the afternoon, after the lunch that Giacomo has prepared for us, we will shoot the south and the west side.
In Niviano (once GallinaMorta in memory of a battle between the Romans and the roosters who clashed here) there is only one road that ends a few kilometers beyond the village and for this reason the road is very little traveled.
The house is clearly visible, it is right on the cucuczzolo next to a medieval watchtower.
The arrival at the house is already suggestive: the gate opens under an ancient and centuries-old oak, and the road that follows it winds in a helix around the hill on which the tower and the nearby house stand: Muro in sasso on the left, panorama To the right.
I walk the 50 meters of gravel road and arrive at the house.The house has been almost entirely renovated, there are still only three rooms and three attics to do.One of these rooms has a fireplace which I can only imagine how good it will be when finished!
The house is all in yellowish stone just like the color of the local stones...ahead of the house there is a large flat square with a stone slab underneath with green grass that sprouts among the stones.Below is a lush vegetable garden of tomatoes and peppers...a strong scent of basil pervades me: Giovanni is preparing the sauce for spaghetti with basil from the garden.
I'll tell you briefly about the house: The house is BEAUTIFUL.
too short
Continuous: on the ground floor there is the living room with kitchen that can be seen in the photo: exposed stone walls, oak floors with terracotta tiles, terra cotta...There is also a study, a cellar and on the other side of the house there is the wood oven and the wine, hams and salami cellar...
Then I enter the house, a wonderful entrance with vaulted ceiling in ancient terracotta bricks, a room to be completed, a bedroom, a closet, a bathroom and the three rooms to be restored.
From here I go up and have two beautiful rooms with an exposed roof, a bathroom, attics to finish and a wonderful ultra-panoramic terrace.
I think the photographs are much more eloquent than my words...
So Enjoy!
I forgot, the tower is not owned but the titles are sold for usucapione...
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