Bogazi, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

Property ID: 41703629

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Price £50,000
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Plot Size 525m2
Sector Land
Type Land for Sale

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  • Exchange Title Deed
  • In the heart of the village away from hustle of busy life.
  • Traditional village with traditional lifestyle & food
  • Buy and we build for you within 8-10 months
  • 525m2 of plot to make your own dream home surrounded with convenience, comfort, and serenity
  • Good investment opportunity to build apartments and sell in the countryside of Northern Cyprus
  • 60 minutes’ drive to Ercan Airport
  • 90 minutes’ drive to Larnaka Airport


Reference No: HP3126


The land in Yedikonuk boasting FASIL 96 Building permission encapsulates a promising canvas for architectural ingenuity amidst the quaint charm of Northern Cyprus. Spanning 525 square meters, it stands as a beacon of opportunity for those seeking to sculpt their dreams into tangible structures while embracing the cultural richness of the region.

Nestled within the rustic embrace of Yedikonuk village, this land serves as a portal to the past, where traditional elements intertwine with modern aspirations. The village itself, steeped in history and heritage, sets the stage for a harmonious blend of old-world allure and contemporary aspirations. Yedikonuk invites inhabitants to embrace a lifestyle steeped in authenticity.


The FASIL 96 Building permission bestowed upon this land opens a realm of possibilities for prospective developers and homeowners alike. Under the auspices of this permission, one can envision structures that pay homage to the architectural ethos of the region while embracing modern design principles. Whether it be a cozy abode adorned with traditional stonework and wooden accents or a sleek, contemporary masterpiece juxtaposed against the village's timeless backdrop, the canvas is ripe for innovation.


Moreover, the modest size of 525 square meters presents a unique opportunity for intimate, yet impactful, architectural endeavors. Here, every inch of land holds the potential to be transformed into a sanctuary of comfort and inspiration, carefully tailored to suit the needs and aspirations of its occupants.


As the sun sets over the undulating landscape of Yedikonuk, casting a golden hue upon its ancient contours, the promise of new beginnings and enduring legacies permeates the air. Within the confines of this land, amidst the whispers of history and the embrace of tradition, lies the opportunity to carve out a space that transcends the ordinary and resonates with the soul of Northern Cyprus.



The Region



At the start of the Karpaz peninsula, Yedikonuk benefits from fertile flatlands and crops grown there include wheat, barley, and several types of vegetables. It is also rich in carob and olive trees, as well as mulberry, almonds and figs. You can pick your own olives, get them pressed at the local olive mill and take home your own oil. The ancient Karpaz settlement of Yedikonuk has been selected as the first eco-village in North Cyprus to help counteract the growth of mass tourism. The scheme aims to preserve the village's local culture in an environmentally sensitive way, and promote the area as a destination for special activity holidays. It is hoped that the initiative will encourage community life in the village to continue, while raising awareness among villagers about the importance for caring for the countryside.

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