Lisbon Old Palace, Belem, Portugal

Belem, Lisbon City, Lisbon, Portugal

Property ID: 15073675

Summary Data

Price £1,882,067
Price Type
Bedrooms 10 - Bed
Bathrooms 10 - Bath
Plot Size
Building Size
Sector Residential
Type Houses
Subtype Palace

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Property Description

The first building, according to the Handbook Building, has the following characteristics: "4 palatial floors. Inside, majestic staircase building with graneaux tiles. Large garden and annex. It has a tower with an observation deck. "The covered area is 380m2 and the total area of 1619m2. Has: "Shop with 7 rooms and 4 vain to trade. 1st floor with 13 rooms and 6 vain, 2nd floor with 13 rooms and 6 vain and attic 1-room and 2 spans (housekeeping). Tower, 5th floor, 1 room housing.
With the transformations undergone in the last decade, the 1st and 2nd floor were left with only 11 rooms and the attic was transformed, going from storage to a beautiful room, with a spacious open space, plus 4 rooms, kitchen and 3 bathrooms.
The following building, has a covered area of 172 m2 and a total area of 328 m2. The stores have 3 divisions and two spans each. The 1st and 2nd floors have 6 rooms for housing and attics are storage rooms, which can also be transformed to housing. Each floor is connected to a backyard.
With the exception of shops, all the rest of the buildings are vacant.


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