Coconut Oil Manufacturing Factory, Madgaon, India

Madgaon, South Goa, Goa, India

Property ID: 3721931

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Price £78,886
Price Type For Sale
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Sector Commercial
Type Industrial Properties

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This industrial plant is set in nearly two third of an acre of industrial land with plenty of scope for future expansion.

The office space occupies part of the first floor with ground floor geared up for any type of heavy or light machinery.

We have a built up area of nearly 450m2 on a land plot of 2886m2.

The factory is built to European standards. You have the advantages of manufacturing in the thriving economy of India (with the possibility of being a world power in the future).
This plant is in a Government Approved Industrial park with similar plants operating nearby.
All the roads on the industrial estate are new and access to the port of Vasco-de-Gama is only just over an hour’s drive away whilst Goa International Airport is less than an hour’s drive away.

The asking price for this Coconut Oil Producing Factory is just  75 Lakh (75,00000 or  7million500thousand) Rupees or  : £77,787 or €100,393 or $112,050 for the land, building, machinery and goodwill.(currency conversion correct at time of going to press)

DIRECTIONS FOR VIEWING: From Margao follow the road to Quepem and from Quopem follow the road to Churchorem / Kakoda.

Turn right for the Kakoda Road before reaching Churchorem.

Turn right at the ‘T’ junction towards Sanguem.

The Kakoda Industrial Estate is located on the left hand side just before the Government Polytechnic Churchorem.

Turn left into the industrial estate and follow signs for ‘LABARTRAJ’ on to the road on the right.

The factory is the first building on the right.





India is the fifth largest economy in the world and it's the largest democracy. India has the second largest GDP among emerging economies, based on purchasing power parity. India also ranks as the 11th largest economy in terms of industrial output and has the third largest pool of scientific and technical manpower.

Until 1991, the Indian economy, designed largely on a socialistic pattern, was characterized by a highly regulated business environment, a pervasive license system, and high tariff barriers. Sweeping reforms since introduced by successive governments have radically changed the course of the economy.


Today the Indian economy is far more simple, liberal, transparent and geared towards promoting private investments, both domestic and foreign. External trade has been liberalised, tariffs steadily lowered and import controls progressively reduced, while the few that remain are proposed to be freed within a fixed time frame. Tax rates, both corporate and personal, have been rationalised and are at present amongst the lowest in the world...






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