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Description of Pakistan
Theoretically, Pakistan’s rich history, vibrant culture and privileged location on the coast of the Arabian Sea makes it a land of incredible potential investors would be wise not to overlook. Sadly, the reality of the situation is quite different as despite all its potential, Pakistan has been negatively affected by conflict and political instability for so long that both tourism and international property investment are thin on the ground at best. Pakistan is 100 per cent open to foreign investors and buying costs are as low as they come, but with little to no guarantee of stability even for the imminent future, there’s no real draw for overseas investors.

Current Property Prices in Pakistan

12,364 properties listed for sale in Pakistan

1 bed apartments:

67 listed for sale
£3,529 to £54,495
Average: £20,080

2 bed apartments:

456 listed for sale
£2,248 to £112,399
Average: £27,426

3 bed apartments:

294 listed for sale
£12,589 to £292,237
Average: £67,298

2 bed houses:

154 listed for sale
£9,891 to £71,935
Average: £23,158

3 bed houses:

977 listed for sale
£13,488 to £247,277
Average: £56,222

4 bed houses:

642 listed for sale
£517 to £539,514
Average: £97,310

5 bed houses:

1476 listed for sale
£562 to £1,348,785
Average: £173,224

How to Buy Overseas Property Safely

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Key Facts:

Time Zone: Pakistan Time Zone
DialCode: 92
Languages: English
Capital: Islamabad
GDP: $236.518 billion
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